Choosing A Better Insurance Plan

  • Top Situations When Professional Liability Insurance Could Cover You As An Architect

    9 April 2021

    Even if you are a well-qualified architect who does everything that you can to provide your clients with the best services possible, there is a possibility that a mistake will be made along the way, and you could potentially be held liable for those mistakes. This is where professional liability insurance can help you out. For example, in the situations below, you can help ensure that you are protected as a professional and as an individual if you have professional liability insurance coverage in place.

  • 3 Important Things to Know About Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

    5 March 2021

    If you own a mobile home, it is essential that you fully understand what mobile home insurance can provide you with. #1: Mobile Home Insurance Not Required by Law The first thing you need to understand is that mobile home insurance isn't required by state law. However, if you have mortgage insurance, your mortgage insurance company may require you to have a mobile home insurance policy. Also, if your home is located within a mobile home community, you may be required to carry mobile home insurance as a member of the community.

  • Need New Insurance? 3 Questions To Ask During The Quote

    3 February 2021

    Since insurance policies are designed to step in and cover costs after a peril, they can feel like a lifeline after you go through something hard. Whether you are concerned about your health, home, or car, it's important to have an open, honest conversation with your insurance agent during the quote process. Here are three questions you should ask when you get a quote, and why.  1. Which Factors Impact The Quote?