Choosing A Better Insurance Plan

Need New Insurance? 3 Questions To Ask During The Quote

by Isabella Torres

Since insurance policies are designed to step in and cover costs after a peril, they can feel like a lifeline after you go through something hard. Whether you are concerned about your health, home, or car, it's important to have an open, honest conversation with your insurance agent during the quote process. Here are three questions you should ask when you get a quote, and why. 

1. Which Factors Impact The Quote? 

When you get an insurance quote, there are a lot of different factors that play into the price, and it's important to understand what those are. For instance, if you are getting a quote for car insurance, things like the car you drive and your age can impact pricing. As such, you should ask your agent which factors will play into the type of quote you receive. If you aren't happy with the quote, ask if shifting any of these factors could help. For instance, getting a different car may lower your rate. 

2. Are Medical Exams Necessary? 

If you are getting a health or life insurance quote, ask if you will need to undergo a medical exam. The purpose of these simple medical exams is to check for certain conditions that may be difficult for the insurance company to cover, which can impact your rate. If you do need a medical screening, ask what they will do during the exam, and how long it will take to order and complete the underwriting. 

3. Will These Rates Change? 

Ask if the rates you are quoted are subject to change so that you can plan for any adjustments that may come your way. Check to make sure that the rates are competitive with other insurance agencies, and that there aren't any surprises that may come your way, such as shifts in management or issues with new riders. Ask if your insurance agent will notify you about rate changes, and make sure they have an accurate phone number and email address so you can receive the information you need. 

If you are thinking about getting a new insurance quote, think about what kinds of coverage you need before you go in to sit down with a professional. Make sure you account for any potential losses you might endure because it's never fun to be left wondering if you can pay for medical costs or home repairs. Keep a list as you ponder your needs, and bring it when you talk with the agent. For more information about insurance quotes, contact an insurance company.