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Top Situations When Professional Liability Insurance Could Cover You As An Architect

by Isabella Torres

Even if you are a well-qualified architect who does everything that you can to provide your clients with the best services possible, there is a possibility that a mistake will be made along the way, and you could potentially be held liable for those mistakes. This is where professional liability insurance can help you out. For example, in the situations below, you can help ensure that you are protected as a professional and as an individual if you have professional liability insurance coverage in place. 

You Didn't Get Your Design Turned In On Time and Caused Deadline Issues Because of It

You are probably familiar with having to stick to a deadline as an architect since pretty much every project that you work on probably has a deadline of some sort. Usually, you might not have much of a problem meeting your deadlines, but every now and then, you could find it impossible to get your architecture projects completed on time. In some cases, this might not end up being a very big deal, but if you cause deadline issues for the rest of the project or if you have a contract in place that specifies that your project had to be turned in by a certain time, then you could face liability issues.

Someone Got Hurt Because of Your Design

There are so many things that you have to think about when coming up with architecture designs, such as the appearance of your finished project and the amount of money that the project costs. You also have to think about safety, however; in fact, this is actually one of the most important parts of architecture. If someone got hurt because your design was not done properly, then there is a chance that you could be sued because of it. 

Money Was Lost Because of Your Design

In some cases, mistakes made by architects can result in wasted money. For example, a contract might lose money because they might have to rebuild something due to an inaccurate architectural design, which is yet another situation in which a lawsuit could ensue.

Many people don't realize that architects do have to worry about liability when working on all types of projects, whether they are helping with designing a home or if they are working on a big commercial, government, or industrial project. Because of this, architects can -- and typically should -- protect themselves with professional liability insurance. Consider talking with a professional who regularly works with architects so that you can find out more about these policies and so that you can purchase a policy that you can count on.