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3 Things To Know About Roadside Assistance With Auto Insurance

by Isabella Torres

Did you know that you can customize your auto insurance plan to suit your needs and risks? You can choose the coverage types, the amounts of coverage, and the extras. One extra coverage type you can add is roadside assistance. If you are not sure about what this is or how it works, here are three things you should know about it. Knowing these things can help you determine if you should add this protection to your auto insurance plan.

Roadside Assistance Is an Extra

The first thing to understand is that roadside assistance is extra. Most insurance providers offer many extra coverage types that you can add to your policy. As an add-on, roadside assistance is not the type of coverage that you are legally required to have. Instead, it is something you can choose to add to your policy. When you add any extra coverage to your policy, you will pay more for it. Extras cost money because they provide more coverage than what you get with a standard plan.

What It Covers

While every roadside assistance plan varies, most include the same types of coverage. The first thing it covers is towing costs. If you get stranded somewhere with a car problem, you can contact your roadside assistance carrier. They will send a tow truck to you, and your plan will cover some of the towing costs.

Secondly, roadside assistance provides help with minor car problems. For example, if you lock your keys in your car or run out of gas, you might need immediate assistance. You can contact your roadside assistance company for help with these types of issues. Finally, they will assist if you have a flat tire and need help to replace it.

Why You Should Consider Adding It to Your Plan

Having roadside assistance is something that comes in handy when you experience car issues. If you travel alone, you should buy a plan. If you want to avoid expensive repair or towing bills if you have car problems, buying roadside assistance protects you. Having this coverage is highly beneficial, especially considering the costs. The costs are affordable and having the coverage can give you peace of mind.

If you are interested in learning about the costs of adding roadside assistance to your plan, contact an auto insurance agent, like Reinhardt's Insurance Agency. An agent can explain how it works, what it includes, and how much it costs.