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Understanding SR-22 Certification

by Isabella Torres

A lot of people have heard the term SR-22, but many are unclear about what it actually means. It is not a specific type of auto insurance policy, but it does involve your auto insurance company. If you have been mandated to provide SR-22 certification, it is important to take the situation seriously. Continuing to drive without SR-22 certification and proper auto insurance, like that offered by Illinois Insurance Center Inc, can cause a lot of issues that can be difficult and expensive to resolve. Continue reading to learn more about what an SR-22 certificate is:

Definition of an SR-22 Certificate

In some situations, a driver may be mandated to file a SR-22 with their state's department of motor vehicles. An SR-22 certificate basically serves as proof that you are have a current auto insurance policy. You can't fill out a form and send in a copy of your insurance card in order to fulfill your SR-22 requirements-- the certificate will need to be sent to your state's department of motor vehicles on your behalf by your auto insurance company. In many cases, a person will be mandated to provide SR-22 certification for a few years,so you may have to request that your insurance company sends new proof of insurance when you renew your policy.

Reasons a Person Would Be Required to File a SR-22 Certificate

There are several reasons that a person may be mandated to file an SR-22 certificate. One reason is driving without insurance; if you are pulled over and don't have insurance or you cause an accident while uninsured, there is a good chance that SR-22 requirements will be in your future. An SR-22 can also be mandated after being convicted for a DUI/DWI, receiving multiple moving violations or traffic tickets in a short period of time, or when you restore a driver's license that has been suspended.

How an SR-22 Affects Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies will file SR-22 certification with your state's department of motor vehicles for a small fee. However, if you are mandated to provide SR-22 certification, you will be seen as a much higher risk to insure. Thus,you can expect your auto insurance premiums to be much higher during the period that an SR-22 is required. In this type of situation, it is always a good idea to shop around and request multiple quotes in order to find the best auto insurance premiums. Luckily, your auto insurance rates should go down after the SR-22 period expires.