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3 Good Reasons To Bundle Your Home And Auto Insurance As A Single Parent

by Isabella Torres

From juggling kids and work to managing your finances, your life is busy as a single parent. You will probably look at a lot of things that could make your life a little easier, but one you may never consider right off is bundling your home and auto insurance. There are several insurance providers who offer multiple insurance products, from auto and home coverage to medical and everything in between. If you are currently paying for two separate policies for your home and automobile, it is definitely worth your effort to consider combing the policies under the same insurer. Here are three reasons bundling home and auto insurance makes sense as a single parent:

Handling one policy is a lot less time-consuming than handling one. 

Think about all that is involved in handling two different insurance policies from two different companies. You probably:

  • Have to remember the contact information for both places
  • Have two different bills' due dates to keep track of
  • Have twice as much paperwork to fill out with policy changes

By combining the two forms of insurance into one bundled policy, you give yourself a little extra time every month. 

Filing a claim and paying deductibles can be easier and less expensive when you bundle. 

There are some situations in life when multiple forms of insurance coverage come into play. For example, if a hurricane takes place on your property, you could be dealing with damage to your home and your vehicles due to wind damage and flooding. When policies are bundled under the same provider, there will be no worries over conflicts between providers as to who covers what damages to which form of property. Plus, you will not be left filing separate claims or having to fork over money for separate deductibles because the policies will be bundled together. Saving time and saving money in these instances will be even more important when you are the sole provider for your child. 

Saving money in the short-term is pretty much a guarantee with bundled policies. 

Insurers are always looking to sign up new customers with new policies, so they go to great lengths to make coming to them for your insurance needs as attractive as possible. Therefore, it is highly likely that the insurer you choose to cover both your automobile and home will offer you a discount if you get them both through them. As a single parent when finances can be tight at times, it is especially attractive to see a reduction in how much you pay for insurance coverage. 

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