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So You Need An SR22: What Next?

by Isabella Torres

Dealing with the suspension of your driving license can be very stressful, particularly if you need to be on the road in order to get to a job or another important place. Once you've taken care of all the details involved in having your license reinstated, you may think that you're free to drive again without a problem. What you might not know is that your state might request that you seek out a document referred to as an SR22 form before you are allowed back on the road. Keep reading to learn about this form.

Where Can You Get an SR22 form?

This document is something that you can only get from a car insurance carrier. Not all car insurance companies offer the SR22, so you may need to contact a few before you locate one that can help you. The form, once completed and approved, serves as legal proof that you are licensed and have the necessary insurance to safely drive on streets and highways with others.

An important thing to know about this document is that your hands may never touch it; the auto insurance carrier will need to have the appropriate contact information for the appropriate motor vehicles department and they must have it sent directly there. However, you can continue to contact your insurer regularly until you're sure that the form has been sent. You should also follow up with the motor vehicles department to know that it was received. You cannot drive without having it properly filed, so checking with both parties is essential.

How Does SR22 Cost Compare to Regular Auto Policies?

Once you've located and started to work with an insurer willing to cover you with an SR22, a stumbling block could be the price. Your suspended auto driver's license puts you in a higher risk category than other drivers; for that reason, insurance costs could be substantially higher than your last insurance policy. However, the same tactics you might use to lower regular policy costs, such as enrolling in driving classes and improving your credit score, can be applied to your SR22 policy as well. Look for ways to cut out extra policy components you're unlikely to need, such as towing or rental car coverage.

This article has laid out some vital information you'll need about an SR22 policy if you must seek one. You might wish to consult an auto insurance professional such as LA Insurance who can better explain how this particular policy will work for you.