Choosing A Better Insurance Plan

  • Do You Know What Your Auto Insurance Really Covers?

    25 October 2021

    You took the time to select a reputable insurance provider, and you faithfully pay your auto insurance premiums each month. You drive with confidence because you are sure that your auto insurance company will take care of everything if you are involved in an accident. Sadly, the day does come that an accident occurs and you are forced to file a claim against your policy. After reviewing your coverage options, the insurance company denies your claim because your policy does not include coverage for your specific circumstances.

  • Tips For Lowering The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance

    24 September 2021

    You never want to drop your homeowners insurance coverage. However, if you are looking to improve your financial standing, you will want to try to see if you can get your homeowners insurance policy premium reduced. There are a few ways you might be able to do this, including: Bump Up The Deductible A lot of people automatically think that the best thing to do is to have the lowest deductible possible.

  • Can Small Employers Benefit From Group Health Insurance?

    16 August 2021

    Group health insurance is a broad topic covering a wide range of organization-focused health insurance policies. Many people associate group health insurance with large corporations, but small employers can also benefit from these policies. In some states, independent contractors with no employees can even buy into group healthcare. Of course, choosing the right group health plan for your small business isn't necessarily an easy process. This article will help you familiarize yourself with the benefits and potential challenges of choosing a group health plan for your business, even if you only have a handful of employees.

  • Commercial Truck Insurance Shopping Tips

    13 July 2021

    If you are in the position of driving in a commercial truck, you want to have insurance just in case you make a mistake or someone else around you does. Here are some things that will make commercial truck insurance shopping a lot easier to manage regardless of what type of rig you drive.  Don't Just Focus on Legal Requirements Before you can pull a rig with cargo, you have to have auto insurance.

  • Tax Preparation Tips That Can Save Workers Stress

    17 June 2021

    If you have a job of any capacity, you have to do your taxes. This is an obligation you have to meet every single year that you make money. If you want taxes to be easier to deal with each year, consider the following tax preparation tips.  Prepare Early When people get stressed about taxes, it's usually because they wait until the last minute to do them. That's not going to give you enough time to thoroughly analyze important details, such as what deductions can be made and figuring out how much you owe.

  • 5 Times You Should Contact Your Auto Insurance Agent

    11 May 2021

    Communication with your auto insurance agent should not stop after you purchase an auto insurance policy. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your agent because you may need to contact this person multiple times throughout your life. Here are a few good reasons to call your auto insurance agent. File a Claim If you get into a car accident, you will have to file a claim to get money to repair the damage.

  • Top Situations When Professional Liability Insurance Could Cover You As An Architect

    9 April 2021

    Even if you are a well-qualified architect who does everything that you can to provide your clients with the best services possible, there is a possibility that a mistake will be made along the way, and you could potentially be held liable for those mistakes. This is where professional liability insurance can help you out. For example, in the situations below, you can help ensure that you are protected as a professional and as an individual if you have professional liability insurance coverage in place.