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What To Expect From A Water Damage Insurance Adjuster

by Isabella Torres

Water damage claims are among the most common claims that insurers receive. Adjusting water damage loss can be quite technical, but you want to ensure you get the process done right, as it will impact the determination of your settlement.

Here is a brief look at what you can expect from the water damage insurance adjuster acting for your home insurance company.

1. Help with Emergency Mitigation

Any water damage insurance adjuster, whether a public one acting for your interest or one working for the home insurance company, will tell you acting fast is crucial. Indeed, how you handle a water loss situation in the first 24 hours after the incident can greatly impact your claim.

A water damage insurance adjuster from your carrier can tell you which water extraction and restoration company the insurer prefers. You may, of course, choose the option of bringing in your insurance company of preference. Either way, ensure you have an explicit agreement with your insurer and have them approve the charges before you sign any work authorization forms from the water restoration company.

2. Review of Policy and Water Damage Documentation

Even before calling the water restoration company, the first thing to do is to document the damage. Take videos and photos from different angles. The insurer's water damage insurance adjuster will review these to verify your claim.

Before filing your water damage claim, read through and fully understand the provisions of your insurance cover. If you don't already have one, then this is a great time to ask your home insurance company for a certified copy of your policy. Know precisely what the policy covers and its limitations. 

You also want to understand your responsibilities as the property owner and policyholder. Also, get to understand mold and other provisions. The water damage insurance adjuster and any other rep from the insurer can help you interpret these provisions, as the contract language can be quite technical.

3. Use of Instruments to Determine Extent of Damage

A water damage insurance adjuster is skilled in using specialty tools and equipment that determine the exact location of water. This is crucial in pinpointing not just the cause of the water damage, but also the extent of the damage. Some of the most commonly used equipment include hygrometers and moisture detectors. Infrared cameras are also quite popular in the claim adjusting process.

Each insurer has its own policies and approach to reviewing water loss and determining settlement. Follow the guidelines and seek clarification from the water damage insurance adjuster to ensure your claim process runs smoothly.